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Navigating Elderhood Professional Training Course October 2023

We at Navigating Elderhood are​ certified nurse assistants and end-of-life doulas who understand others' needs using our extensive education, experience, unique skillsets, and deep listening skills. Our work includes both post-surgery and end-of-life care as well as filling in gaps where medicine may no longer be of use. 

Navigating Elderhood's caregiving training, led by Cori Levin, will instruct participants on how to listen, communicate, care, and manage - all of which are essential elements in the end-of--life care that NE provides. 

  • This training will consist of 4 virtual classes, as well as in-person options for 3 individual coaching sessions. 

The cost of the classes will be $475, and the combined cost of the classes and the individual sessions - the complete course - will be $773.  Please contact for more information. 

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