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About Cori

Cori’s wealth of experience enables her to provide comfort, companionship, and support in a myriad of forms: professional personal and respite care; meticulous care plan; and mindful end-of-life planning. She has personally assisted with care, and is recommended by many medical professionals.

Cori offers holistic, patient-centered care to her clients and their families. Her companionship and energy infuse the client with hope and confidence which, are essential ingredients for care and wellness.

As an advocate, Cori believes each client deserves to receive the level of care and help they want and need.

Skills & Qualifications

Completed All Preliminary Masters Level Nursing Courses,

St. Kate University

Red Cross Certified Nurse Assistant

Red Cross CPR Certified

End of Life Doula Trained by INELDA

Sholom Hospice End of Life Doula Volunteer

Minnesota Death Collaborative Member

Reiki, Master Level

Yoga Teacher

Birth Doula

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