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My name is Kelley D, the daughter of Chris. I am reaching out to you today with much gratitude. Over the past few days we were blessed to have 3 amazing and beautiful women come into our lives and bless my Dad as well as myself with many gifts that are priceless. 

Rose, Jen and Cori. 

When we first joined hospice my Dad was very reluctant, as the old stigma “that is where you go to die” and we know it’s simply so much more than that. It’s a service that is brought into your life  for peace and calm during your remaining time here in the physical world. 

I had asked my Dad if he wanted a volunteer to come about a month ago and he said no, I respected his wishes. I think Rose, Jen and Cori were just holding space for him and I while in the waiting. I am strong in my faith and I know that God knew who we would need and when we would need them the most. In the end. 

The night before last we had a bit of drama with a family member at my Dad’s bedside so yesterday when Cori walked in I quickly asked her if she could clear the space around my Dad from any negativity and she did. The peace that brought me. 

My Dad passed around 2:00pm yesterday afternoon, Pat (nurse) had just talked to Jen to see if she was available and she was on her way, in the meantime my Dad had passed and I quickly text her to let her know so that she didn’t make a trip for nothing. She quickly replied I would still like to come and do the chime ritual if you would be open to it. I quickly said yes. That beautiful and peaceful time with her, my uncle, myself and my Dad was priceless. What a gift. 

I simply cannot thank each of these beautiful souls enough for the peace and the calm they brought into my Dad’s space. 

They were so kind to him and to me and my family. 

Please share this with them and know that I am forever grateful for the love they provided me. 

With much love and gratitude, 


Cori's wisdom, practical medical knowledge, and groundedness were a crucial part of our lives when we welcomed our second and third babies. She approaches each situation with a sensitivity and a curiosity that I found deeply reassuring, offering very gentle options and suggestions to explore, and really working to get to know me and my family. I'm so grateful for the ways she helped us navigate the medical system, and for her wonderful listening and insights. I felt grounded and empowered rather than overwhelmed, and when I did feel overwhelmed, I knew I could call her to talk through it together! She makes space for all emotions and experiences, exemplifying caring without judgement attached. And she knows the healing power of laughter, too. Thank you, Cori.

- Margaret


Cori, you showed such deep care and love for mom, I am forever grateful you were apart of her life.

-daughter of elder client

Cori provided Reiki to my grandma in her final days when we could not schedule it through hospice in time.  It was an amazing experience to witness my grandma respond and to see the comfort it provided her when she had been mostly unresponsive. After Reiki she was energized and it allowed my family a few extra days to spend with her to say our goodbyes.  - Rachel

Zen Stones

Cori, you were a lifesaver when my son was hospitalized. - relieved mother. - Anonymous

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