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End of Life Care

Through thoughtful planning, Navigating Elderhood helps hold space, allowing the client to experience fully the companionship, ritual, and love surrounding him/her.  


We have a highly experienced team with hospice, family communication, and planning skills to facilitate this sacred process, and bring a sense of calm to the client and her family.

Outcomes of Navigating Elderhood’s End-of-Life Care Process

  • It is our job to ensure that all critical resources and involved family members are in place for a peaceful passing. This includes ensuring that no legal or medical resources are missing from the situation.

  • NE doulas facilitate conversations around end of life even when the client is not yet close to death, then see that the wishes expressed in these conversations are processed and fulfilled when the time comes.

  • We help clients develop vigil plans and plan out their vision of what a peaceful passing looks like.

  • Throughout the process of end-of-life planning, we make it a priority to advocate for the client and their wishes.

  • We assist families of loved ones who pass on by providing post-death support, helping them on their journey of both grieving the individual and celebrating the life they lived.

  • Advocates will walk through the entire process with clients and their families from start to finish.

End of Life Care may include but not limited to:

Client visits & companionship

Family communication

Compassionate listening

Life review

Vigil planning



We are licensed and insured to provide all services. 



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