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Educating and Advocating For
a More Comfortable
End of Life


Compassionate Care Advocate

What is Navigating Elderhood?

Pairing passionate advocacy with skilled navigation, Cori and her team, guide clients and their families through personal care, end of life care, and recovery care.


This model of care compliments the medical treatment and plans for each client. Even when the healthcare system resources end, Navigating Elderhood is there.

In addition, Navigating Elderhood provides workshops, speaking engagements and a Compassionate Caregiver seasonal training course.

Navigating Elderhood is infused with experience, profound kindness, strength, and resourcefulness that grants families, communities, organizations and care centers with security, peace of mind, and the ability to focus on healing, loving, and celebrating life.  



As a part of its mission to help the elder community, Navigating Elderhood partners with businesses, organizations, care facilities and senior centers that work directly with, or guide, the elderly community and families.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements can be lead in small or large group discussions,

solo presentations, co-presentations,

panel discussions or roundtable discussions.

Be it single events or a continued series.


Navigating Elderhood's Compassionate Caregiver seasonal training course, led by Cori Levin, instructs participants who want to step into the profession of compassionate care.

Compassionate Care Services


Professional Personal Care

We manage individualized personal-care plans, we bring companionship and comfort to clients, helping them participate in and enjoy the activities of daily living. Understanding the importance of listening and holding space, we continually strive to connect deeply with our clients.

End of Life Care

We compassionately and purposefully connect with our clients, and their families, to embrace and plan death, while creating a mindful and peaceful focus on his/her wishes.

Image by Bundo Kim

Healing & Recovery Care

We provide personal-care services that are perfectly individualized and tailored for supporting healing and recovery after surgery and/or an illness.

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