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Five Wishes: Creating an Advanced Directive Document

The Five Wishes concept is based upon creating an advanced directive document. This document can be created for anyone regardless of age or health status. The idea is to provide information on how one would like to be cared for at the end of their lives. The Five Wishes Directive differs from living wills and healthcare agent forms in that it addresses all of an individual's needs including medical, spiritual, emotional, and personal. Because of its comprehensive nature, the Five Wishes Directive is a useful tool for initiating conversations on what can be at time a difficult topic. Instructor Cori Levin, End of Life Doula


Navigating Elderhood: Mindfulness and Rituals for End of Life Experiences

Instructor and End of Life Doula, Cori Levin, will introduce ritual/mindfulness practices around the end of life experience.  She will introduce breath work, water and herbs for comfort and healing.  The class will include end of life conversations in a comfortable environment.  Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.


Navigating Elderhood

Cori Levin will be facilitating a conversation around end of life planning. Through this course, she will explain and discuss:

  • Familial support for end of life issues

  • Providing emotional support in the end of life process

  • Discussions on practical support for loved ones


This course is aimed at parents, adult children, and aging adults seeking information and support for end of life issues. As an End of Life Doula, and the owner and operator of Navigating Elderhood, Cori finds that oftentimes people will plan for their end of life needs solely from a practical perspective, but will neglect to focus on the emotional and social needs that come with end of life transitions. This course will help with exploring those important questions in a comfortable and caring environment.

Classes with Navigating Elderhood

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